A multipurpose X11 plotting program
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Dec 18 22:49:46 CET 2013
plotmtv-1.4.1-6.fc20.x86_64.rpm  - A multipurpose X11 plotting program
Name: plotmtv
Version: 1.4.1
Release: 6.fc20
Group: Applications/Engineering
Size: 2074029
Build on: Wed Dec 18 22:49:44 2013
Vendor: ATrpms.net
Packager: ATrpms
Signature: DSA/SHA1, Wed Dec 18 22:49:46 2013 ( [expires: 2007-12-31])

PLOTMTV is a multipurpose X11 plotting program. PLOTMTV's
capabilities include 2D line and scatter plots (x-vs-y), contour plots, 3D
surface, line and scatter plots as well as vector plots. The program has a
rough but functional Graphical User Interface, through which it is possible
to zoom in, zoom out, pan, toggle between 2D and 3D plots, and rotate 3D
plots. Both color and grayscale postscript output are supported.

Printable documentation is in the /usr/share/doc/plotmtv-1.4.1 directory. If
you have relocated the package the docs will be in the appropriate
directory. The documentation covers the use of plotmtv and the data file


Sun Jan 9 13:00:00 2011 Paulo Roma 1.4.1-6
- Added BR time and libXt-devel.
- Not stripping for not having an empty debuginfo rpm.

Sun Sep 20 14:00:00 2009 Paulo Roma 1.4.1-5
- Changed license and Summary.

Sun Apr 8 14:00:00 2007 Paulo Roma 1.4.1-4
- Improved spec file.
- Selected doc material.


Fri Feb 16 13:00:00 2007 Paulo Roma 1.4.1-3
- Rebuilt for Fedora 6.
- Fixed man location.

Wed Jul 12 14:00:00 2006 Paulo Roma 1.4.1-2
- Initial version.

Sat Mar 20 13:00:00 1999 Prabhu Ramachandran 1.4.1-1
- I am the current maintainer.

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