A tool for fast remote command execution

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Aug 29 19:30:11 CEST 2006
fsh-1.2-5_4.src.rpm  - A tool for fast remote command execution
Name: fsh
Version: 1.2
Release: 5_4.at
Group: Applications/Internet
Size: 158395
Build on: Tue Aug 29 19:30:11 2006
Vendor: ATrpms.net
Packager: ATrpms
Signature: DSA/SHA1, Tue Aug 29 19:30:11 2006 ( [expires: 2007-12-31])

Remote command execution via a cryptographically strong method such as
lsh or ssh is often painfully slow, especially if either of the
involved computers is slow. The biggest problem is that the client and
the server perform a lot of complex calculations during connection

fsh uses lsh or ssh to establish a secure tunnel to the remote
system. This takes as long as a normal connection establishment, but
once the tunnel is established, fsh can reuse it to start new sessions
on the remote system almost instantaneously. You get the security of
ssh and the speed of rsh.

Note that fsh is going to be obsoleted by OpenSSH itself. The OpenSSH
daemon has supported multiple shell channels over the same connection
for a long time, and since OpenSSH 3.9, the client is starting to
support it too -- See the documentation of the new ControlMaster
and ControlSocket options.


Mon Sep 20 12:00:00 2004 David Woodhouse 1.2-5
- Apply Jim Blandy's patch to fix session reuse. Fixes #132659

Tue Aug 31 12:00:00 2004 David Woodhouse 1.2-4
- Fix Group: tag, install info file correctly. Fixes #131271

Tue Jun 15 12:00:00 2004 Elliot Lee
- rebuilt


Sun Apr 4 12:00:00 2004 Axel Thimm
- Backbuild for RH7.3 to FC1.

Fri Feb 13 11:00:00 2004 Elliot Lee
- rebuilt

Fri Jul 18 12:00:00 2003 David Woodhouse 1.2-1
- new package

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