Perl modules for ivtv support.

[specfile  ] 1.4k
Jul 16 18:08:34 CEST 2006
perl-Video-ivtv.spec  - Perl modules for ivtv support.
Name: perl-Video-ivtv
Version: 0.13
Release: 8.el5
Group: Applications/Multimedia
Packager: ATrpms

Video::ivtv is designed to be a quick hack at making the
script not have to depend on the test_ioctl program included with the ivtv
utils. By moving to have the things that have proven difficult to do purely
in perl to C where they currently are being done, I can concentrate on
improving the code rather than hitting my head against the wall trying to
do code cleanups. ;)


Tue Oct 19 12:00:00 2004 Axel Thimm
- Update to 0.13.

Thu Jul 17 12:00:00 2003 Axel Thimm
- Update to 0.12.


Thu Jul 10 12:00:00 2003 Axel Thimm
- Update to 0.11.

Wed Jun 18 12:00:00 2003 Axel Thimm
- Initial build.

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