Extracting html table content.

[specfile  ] 1.4k
Jul 16 18:08:18 CEST 2006
perl-HTML-TableExtract.spec  - Perl extension for extracting the text contained in tables within an HTML document.
Name: perl-HTML-TableExtract
Version: 1.08
Release: 6.el5
Group: Applications/CPAN
Vendor: Matthew P. Sisk
Packager: ATrpms

HTML::TableExtract is a subclass of HTML::Parser that serves to
extract the textual information from tables of interest contained
within an HTML document. The text from each extracted table is stored
in tabe state objects which hold the information as an array of arrays
that represent the rows and cells of that table.


Mon Apr 7 12:00:00 2003 Axel Thimm
- Adapted to new macros.


Fri Jan 3 11:00:00 2003 Axel Thimm
- Initial build (cpan2rpm).

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