A utility to make wheel mice work under X

[specfile  ] 2.3k
Feb 06 21:22:17 CET 2008
imwheel.spec  - A utility to make wheel mice work under X
Name: imwheel
Version: 1.0.0
Release: 4_pre12.el5
Group: User Interface/X Hardware Support
Vendor: ATrpms.net
Packager: ATrpms

This is the imwheel utility for X. It supports a variety of
wheel mice including the MS Intellimouse.


Wed Feb 6 11:00:00 2008 Paulo Roma 1.0.0-4_pre12
- Rebuilt for F8.
- Changer version style.
- Using %bcond_without gcc3, and relying on forcegcc otherwise.

Sun Apr 1 12:00:00 2007 Paulo Roma 1.0.0pre12-4
- Updated imwheelrc.
- Added BR compat-gcc-34 and libXmu-devel.

Fri Feb 23 11:00:00 2007 Paulo Roma 1.0.0pre12-3
- Added BR libXtst-devel


- Included my imwheelrc in /etc/X11/imwheel

Fri Feb 16 11:00:00 2007 Paulo Roma
- Rebuilt for Fedora 6.
- Fixed spec file.

Thu May 18 12:00:00 2006 Paulo Roma
- Rebuilt for Fedora 4.

Sun Jun 4 12:00:00 2000
- Initial Version (based off the Mandrake 6 spec file by Peter Putzer)

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