The Perl package Unicode-UTF8simple

[specfile  ] 1.3k
Nov 04 17:41:17 CET 2008
perl-Unicode-UTF8simple.spec  - Conversions to/from UTF8 from/to charactersets
Name: perl-Unicode-UTF8simple
Version: 1.06
Release: 4.el5
Group: Development/Libraries
Packager: ATrpms

Provides UTF-8 conversion for perl versions from 5.00 and up. It was
mainly written for use with perl 5.00 to 5.6.0 because those perl
versions do not support Unicode::MapUTF8 or Encode.

Unicode::UTF8simple is written in plain perl (no C code) and will work
with any Perl 5 version. It is just slightly slower than Encode.


Sat Oct 18 12:00:00 2008 Axel Thimm
- Fixed sitelib vs vendorlib issue.


Sun Dec 25 11:00:00 2005 22:00:07 Ed Avis
- Generated with makerpm 0.409, then fixed for License: and noarch.

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