Python bindings for the CGAL library.
[binary rpm] 3.3M
Nov 19 00:38:50 CET 2009
cgal-python-0.9.4-0.7.beta1.el5.x86_64.rpm  - Python bindings for the CGAL library
Name: cgal-python
Version: 0.9.4
Release: 0.7.beta1.el5
Group: Development/Libraries
Size: 20084283
Build on: Thu Nov 19 00:38:23 2009
Packager: ATrpms
Signature: DSA/SHA1, Thu Nov 19 00:38:50 2009 ( [expires: 2007-12-31])

The goal of the CGAL-Python project is to provide Python bindings
for the CGAL library.
CGAL is the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library, a C++ library
of generic, efficient and robust geometric algorithms.

CGAL-Python is implemented using Boost.Python, which allows to mimic
a large part of the original C++ interface of CGAL.
Since CGAL is heavily based on the generic
programming paradigm (templates), some choices have been made
to accommodate the Python programming model instead. Python allows
much faster prototyping than C++, by simplifying the complexity of
the language and removing the typical long compilation times of C++.
We also hope that CGAL-Python can be used for teaching geometric algorithms,
without requiring knowledge of C++ as is currently the case with CGAL.


Fri Nov 13 11:00:00 2009 Paulo Roma 0.9.4-0.7.beta1
- Rebuilt with CGAL 3.5
- Installing egg-info.

Sat Jun 20 12:00:00 2009 Paulo Roma 0.9.4-0.6.beta1
- Update to 0.9.4
- Using

Tue Nov 6 11:00:00 2007 Paulo Roma 0.9.3-6
- No new feature has been added, but it works now with CGAL 3.3,
and it also works on Mac OS X.
- Using %{SDIR} since the source is in cgal-python and not in
cgal-python-0.9.4 anymore.


Sun Mar 11 11:00:00 2007 Paulo Roma 0.9.1-5
- Replaced cgal_package for a symbolic link in %{python_sitearch} to CGAL.
- Replaced BR mpfr-devel for /usr/lib64/

Sat Mar 10 11:00:00 2007 Paulo Roma 0.9.1-3
- Installing in cgal-python-0.9.4 following windows version.
- Created fake cgal-package, and a symbolic link, for the examples work.

Sat Mar 10 11:00:00 2007 Paulo Roma 0.9.1-2
- Removed .h, .o, .cpp, and .vcproj from package.

Tue Mar 6 11:00:00 2007 Paulo Roma 0.9.1-1
- Initial spec file.

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