Transparent On Screen Display.
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Aug 16 03:44:53 CEST 2006  - Transparent On Screen Display.
Name: libxosd2
Version: 2.2.14
Group: System Environment/Libraries
Size: 23180
Build on: Wed Aug 16 03:44:52 2006
Packager: ATrpms
Signature: DSA/SHA1, Wed Aug 16 03:44:53 2006 ( [expires: 2007-12-31])

XOSD displays text on your screen, sounds simple right? The difference
is it is unmanaged and shaped, so it appears transparent. This gives
the effect of an On Screen Display, like your TV/VCR etc.. The package
also includes an xmms plugin, which automatically displays various
interesting things as they change (song name, volume etc...)


Sun Oct 16 00:00:00 2005 Axel Thimm
- Update to 2.2.14.

Sat Oct 2 00:00:00 2004 Axel Thimm


- Update to 2.2.12.

Sun Aug 29 00:00:00 2004 Axel Thimm
- Initial build.

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