Fast Fourier Transform library.
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Nov 05 08:57:24 CET 2010
fftw2-single-2.1.5-14.el4.x86_64.rpm  - Fast Fourier Transform library for single precision
Name: fftw2-single
Version: 2.1.5
Release: 14.el4
Group: System Environment/Libraries
Size: 438240
Build on: Fri Nov 5 08:57:18 2010
Packager: ATrpms
Signature: DSA/SHA1, Fri Nov 5 08:57:24 2010 ( [expires: 2007-12-31])

FFTW is a C subroutine library for computing the Discrete Fourier Transform
(DFT) in one or more dimensions, of both real and complex data, and of
arbitrary input size. We believe that FFTW, which is free software, should
become the FFT library of choice for most applications. Our benchmarks,
performed on on a variety of platforms, show that FFTW's performance is
typically superior to that of other publicly available FFT software.

This package contains fftw built for single precision


Sun Jan 14 23:00:00 2007 Axel Thimm - 2.1.5-13
- Fix bug #1088.


Tue Oct 22 00:00:00 2002 Matthias Saou
- Initial RPM release.

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