A middleware framework for smart card terminals.

[specfile  ] 2.4k
Oct 11 23:22:06 CEST 2006
opensc.spec  - SmartCard library and applications
Name: opensc
Version: 0.11.1
Release: 7.el5
Group: Applications/System
Vendor: ATrpms.net
Packager: ATrpms

libopensc is a library for accessing SmartCard devices. It is also the
core library of the OpenSC project.

Basic functionality (e.g. SELECT FILE, READ BINARY) should work on any
ISO 7816-4 compatible SmartCard. Encryption and decryption using
private keys on the SmartCard is possible with PKCS #15 compatible
cards, such as the FINEID (Finnish Electronic IDentity) card.


Wed Oct 11 12:00:00 2006 Axel Thimm - 0.11.1-7
- Update to 0.11.1.

Fri Mar 10 11:00:00 2006 Axel Thimm
- Update to 0.10.1.

Tue Jan 11 11:00:00 2005 Axel Thimm


- Update to 0.9.4.

Tue Jan 11 11:00:00 2005 Axel Thimm
- Update to 0.9.4.

Mon Mar 29 12:00:00 2004 Axel Thimm
- Initial build.

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