An rpm package repository.

Welcome to ATrpms.

This is a 3rd party rpm repository. The original focus laid upon software used in natural sciences, especially in the field of high energy physics, e.g. tools for numerical programming or such for scientific publications. But since then this repository has included many non-scientific software titles, like system tools or multimedia packages, resulting in a far more generic repository.

Read the installation instructions to find out the best way to install the software you want. ATrpms' signing key can be found on keyservers, the atrpms rpm package or simply on this website.

Currently packages are only built for Red Hat Linux flavours, maintainers or testers for other platforms are welcome to join the project.

There are various lists for users, developers and other topics. Please use the bug reporting facility to report issues and/or package requests.

Check out the list of mirrors and indexers if you want to optimize your connection speed.

ATrpms is in cooperation with several other 3rd party repositories.

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The packages are categorized according to their stability.

The stable, good and testing packages are enabled by default in apt-get and yum. bleeding packages can be enabled in the respective configuration files, while obsoleted packages are offered only for manual download.

Use the mailing lists or the bug tracking system for comments, bugs and requests about the packages.
ATrpms was founded by Axel Thimm